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The perfect diet

What benefit the pineal gland will benefit your physical and mental health 

The link below will give you a list of the most alkaline food

An alkaline diet is the best diet you can possibly have.

Pathogens and cancer cells can't thrive on an alkaline body, they can only thrive on an acidic body.

What to eat every day to have all the vitamins, fibers and minerals your body needs for the day so your immune system can work at his full potential and will help avoid multiple diseases.

On empty stomach i take 1 lemon juice mixed with apple cider vinegar (raw unfiltered with the mother), 7gr of MSM (sulphur)  and 1 selenium pill you can buy it here

Watch this video to learn how to take Msm sulfur

you can buy MSM Sulphur it at this website this brand is the best quality i have found

i chase it all with a fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.

After that i give myself 6 hours to eat within the 24h (for example if i start eating at noon i will stop eating at 6pm) This is call intermittent-fasting.  it give you body a break and increase you energy. Here is a link of the benefits:

Below is the recipe that I have been doing since 2008 and i have been catching cold very rarely since! You will feel more energetic, focused and will sleep better.

You can watch the video above (healthy raw vegan meal)

The original recipe was developed by Doctor Catherine Kousmine. 

Watch the video above (healthy nutritious vegan meal)

I added my french touch so it taste delicious and help eliminating some of the toxins we are

exposed today that weren't there when she did the original breakfast.  Here is the recipe. 

organic ingredients
3 soup sp00n of dairy free yogurt (Almond yogurt is most alkaline)

1 Soup spoon of  flax seed oil

1 coffee spoon of Hawaiian Spirulina 

1 soup spoon of Buckwheat seeds

1 soup spoon of Chia seeds

1/2 soup spoon of millet seeds

1 soup spoon of food grade diatomaceous earth

you can find the cheapest one here

2 soup spoon of Organic unfiltered cold press coconut oil.

2 oz of seasonal fruits

1 banana

8 golden raisins

8 raw organic almonds from italy if possible as they are the only ones that are not radiated

1 walnut

4 hazelnut

1 brazilian nut

1 dry plum

1 date

4 goji dried berry

4 dried cranberry

2 oz of hemp granola

1 Coffee Spoon of Agave or Molasses or maple syrup or Stevia (most alkaline sweetener) 

Since large honey corporations are not harvesting honey the right way i do not recommend it unless you are doing it yourself or you personally know the beekeeper and know he is harvesting with a consciousness...  


put In a bowl the coconut oil, flaxseed oil, diatomaceous earth, yogurt and spirulina

On a separate bowl grind the chia, buckwheat and millet seeds

once grounded add the flour like substance to the 1 st bowl

Mix it all together until you have an homogeneous dough like substance  

add on top of the mixed ingredients the banana, the fruits, the plum, the date, the dried berry and the nuts

top it all of with the granola and finish with the the stevia if you really need to sweeten your food otherwise 

the best sweetener is fresh fruits.

If you are vegan or vegetarian you will be better off not consuming garlic and onions (shallots, leeks and green onion) They are medicine and can be toxic when not needed. They also gather the negative energy of the earth.

WATER: the best water is distilled water, you want to get a water distiller, don't buy distilled water as it only comes in plastic bottles. Once distilled i put the water in a glass jar, add activated carbon and Shungite. Above the the glass jar i add some crystals and i like to leave the jar in sun light for a few hours a day. 

For a better health avoid if you can the 10 most popular brain damaging products we are exposed to (in order of use) 

1) vaccines: Don't get vaccinated
2) coffee and caffeine products: Don't drink caffeine products like coffee, tea, energy drinks ect...
3) alcohol: Don't drink it lol
4) medical drugs: don't take them and look for alternative medicine
5) sugar: replace with Agave, Molasses, Brown rise syrup, Maple syrup or sativa
6) fluoride: Drink distilled water (not from plastic btl) Use fluoride free toothpaste
7) cigarettes: don't smoke!
8) processed junk foods and genetically modified foods: Eat my 1 meal a day and green leath vegetables and fruits
9) EMF radiation from wireless devices. Orgonite will fix this problem, you can get some here:
10) chemtrails. Diatomaceous earth, chlorella, cilantro will remove heavy metal from your body. 

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