Mother earth is perfect! For every sickness nature provide the cure. Usually the shape and color of the food will give you a hint of what it is good for, example a walnut pit look like the brain and in fact it is good for the brain, a tomato look like the heart and it is good for the heart.

Garlic is a natural antibiotic, Cayenne pepper is full of vitamin C Honey another natural antibiotic:

Here is a recipe for cold, flu like symptoms:

4 cloves of chopped garlic

1 coffee spoon of cayenne pepper

1 soup spoon of honey

Mix it all up and take 1 coffee spoon every 15mn for a full day.

I recommend that you chase it with some chamomile tea (anti inflammatory caffeine free )

Hi, have you tried to sungaze, it is amazing! Check out the video i posted on this website and try it for yourself, it is inspiring, you see the sun is like a person that you can interact with. He have a soul and a spirit, he is loving and compassionate.

I have been doing sungazing for about 16 month and i love it. I always start with thanking him for bringing light from darkness, Warmth from cold and abundance. I then ask him to bring peace to the world, abundance for all and earth healing.

From there my thoughts become more loving, it is like my vibration / frequency rise's, i suddenly find solutions for whatever i needed help with.

Also all that i have manifested so far while sungazing have happened!

Fell free to ask me any questions you might ha...

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An healthy pineal gland will rise your consciousness 

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