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Benefits for the Spirit
The pineal gland is the seat of your spirit/soul. Once your pineal gland is healthy you will be able to nourish your spirit more effectively (the most important part). Nourishing your spirit is what will benefit you once you leave this body. You can contact me directly to find out more about this topic as i am aloud to reveal this information by affinity only.
The benefit while in this human body

Many people believe that the pineal gland/third eye functions as a stargate that can see beyond space and time. In essence by activating your pineal gland/third eye, your perceptions go beyond this physical world and your mind awakens and connects to this plane of existence where time doesn’t exist, and from this there are a number of fantastic benefits:

Greater Awareness/Becoming Awake
Activating our pineal gland/third eye metaphysically opens our eyes from a deep spiritual slumber. It allows us to begin to perceive the ‘truth’ that surrounds us. This means that you will start seeing that the world we live is full of control and inequalities, and out of harmony with the rest of the universe. You will feel a desire to be free and live in a world full of love, compassion and truth. Ultimately you will feel the connection to all that is around you in nature and feel a deeper connection with the universe. It is a profound sense, that allows you to see beauty in all things and realise that your physical self isn’t your true self.

Your instincts are like a well tuned compass that points you in the ‘right’ direction to achieve what your soul seeks. With an activated pineal gland/third eye, you are able to read these instinctual signals far easily, where it becomes almost like an additional sense, hence sixth sense.  It is almost like you just know what will happen and what certain outcomes of certain events will be. It is why some people believe that the most famous prophets of our time have all had activated pineal glands.
The feeling of all of us being part of the same whole also becomes apparent, and you are able to empathise with others, knowing that they are part of the same universal consciousness.

Laws of Attraction/Cosmic Ordering
As a result of an activated pineal gland, your third eye chakra will be activated, which in turn helps the whole chakra system balance. When you are energised and in tune with the universe, you are like a giant magnet to events, people, situations, etc. By harnessing the power of positive intention, gratitude and love, you can help manifest so much more beauty into your life. Watch the number of ‘helpful’ coincidences sky rocket!

Vivid Dreams/Lucid Dreaming
As your pineal gland regulates your sleep cycles, you will find that you sleep much better and that your dreams are more vivid and you dream lucidly. This means that you will feel that you control your dreams and are able to realise your true infinite self and the endless possibilities that exist in the dream state. Furthermore, you will realise that this dreamworld is the same as the “real world” that we live in, i.e. the fact that we have infinite possibilities and are each masters of our own universe.

Astral Travel/Astral Projection
When our pineal gland/third eye is connected to this plane of existence where time and space doesn’t exist, your soul is able to transcend its physical body and astral travel across time and across space. It has the ability to go anywhere in the universe and to anytime in the universe.
Many people believe that when we dream we are actually astral travelling, and with a fully activated pineal gland/awakened third eye we are able to astral travel while in the awakened state, i.e. when we are meditating.

With an activated pineal gland/third eye, you are constantly connected to the plane of existence where our souls reside. Here there is no time or space, just infinite love and truth – everything that has happened and will ever happen all exists in this plane of existence. With a connection to it, you will find that your imagination and creativity are super charged and are able to find solutions to problems easily, because the solution to all problems already exists in that place. Along with the ability to have vivid dreams and lucid dreaming, this will put spark your imagination to a whole new level.

Below videos explaining how to find god within 

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