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About Us




In 2016 i find out about the Pineal Gland.

i change my daily routine on June 2016 once i decided

to decalcify and activate my Pineal Gland. This

changed my life for the better as I stopped smoking

cigarette cold turkey after 30+ years; I have no

interest in alcohol ether and i am more cautious

about my diet.I am now waking up as the sun rise to

sungaze then i do 20mn of q gong, 30mn of yoga and

about 1 hour of meditation. Before decalcifying my

pineal gland i did not do any of this.

I went from living in a big house to a 5th wheeler

and therefore have less impact on nature. 

All those changes raised my consciousness, I feel

more focused, peaceful, loving, grateful and I have

found my true self which is taking me to my true

purpose in this beautiful journey.

The purpose of this website is to share information

 about the Pineal Gland, you are going to learn about its

 functions, what harms it, what you can do to heal it and

all the benefits it offers once it reaches it's full potential. 

the final goal is to open an holistic center that will be

based on donation. the holistic center will be sustainable

by supplying its own power, food and water.

There will be workshop for advanced stretch, yoga,

qigong, meditation, reiki, Theta healing, massage  therapy,

 pineal gland activation (The christ witting), foraging,

farming, painting, sculpting, animal care, cooking, music,

theta healing, alternative medicine and

Advanced detox programs.

ultimately this center will become a community  based on

joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness,

benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion

and faith



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